Commitment to HVAC Excellence

Carolina Heat Pipe, Inc. is proud of their commitment to service, extensive experience and proven track record. CHP has been customizing and furnishing passive (non-energy consuming) humidity control and energy recovery equipment for a quarter century.

Depending on the basic design criteria, CHP will make recommendations for controlling humidity during the cooling season and may offer suggestions during the heating season for energy recovery. Our recommendations are anchored by Carolina Heat Pipe’s commitment to HVAC excellence; energy efficiency and a healthy indoor air environment. Early project participation is especially important to properly optimize design solutions.

We coordinate with building owners and their consulting engineers so that all warranty and certifications continue to be applied to the base unit as it leaves for the job site.

To ensure that CHP technology is properly integrated into a facility mechanical system, we willingly provide detailed analysis and guidelines to those responsible for both the HVAC system and the comfort of the people using the facility.