Carolina Heat Pipe is fortunate to have a team of design, mechanical and facility engineers who can be utilized depending on the project. Each has experience working with mechanical engineering firms responsible for design and construction of HVAC systems. Our combined areas of expertise cover commercial, institutional and industrial building applications where temperature, humidity, energy recovery and operating efficiency have been important building owner considerations.

In addition, Carolina Heat Pipe is supported by long-term relationships with both a production facility staffed by experienced HVAC technicians as well as a coil manufacturing facility. Our customized coils are manufactured to our specifications to satisfy the various project requirements including coated or copper finned coils in a range of fin spacing with copper tubes.

CHP also offers control systems that have been built exclusively for our products. The control system is designed to regulate the heat transfer between air streams. This includes the pre-cool and the reheat process within the Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe™ System and Spilt System Heat Recovery System.