Carolina Heat Pipe, Inc. typically incorporates their patented heat exchangers into new or existing equipment manufactured by others, rather than manufacture a product that competes with established equipment manufacturers. This technique allows Carolina Heat Pipe to enhance the performance of HVAC equipment to better meet customer requirements.

Energy Recovery Using Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe (TRAHP™)

A Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe (TRAHP™) is an energy-efficient device used to transfer heat from a warm point to a cooler point.

Energy Recovery Using Controllable Subcool & Hot Gas Reheat

This system is intended primarily for direct expansion systems. It features Humidity Control, Total Part Load Performance, Energy Efficiency, Controllable Hot Gas Reheat, Passive Reheat, Subcool Reheat Option, and is Neutral BTU Ventilation capable

Energy Recovery Using Split System TRAHP™

Carolina Heat Pipe’s Patented Split System Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe (TRAHP™) brings a new capability to the use of heat pipe science for energy recovery.