About Carolina Heat Pipe

Founded in 1993, Carolina Heat Pipe specializes in providing equipment that modifies air conditioning equipment to more effectively deal with moisture removal and energy recovery.

Often, we customize off-the-shelf equipment for installation in commercial and industrial facilities and buildings. The resulting air conditioning system is more effective in dealing with the high humidity typical in the southern coastal areas of the United States. We have also applied our technology to a split system energy saving system for laboratories and other buildings that must avoid cross-contamination between air streams while recovering exhaust energy to reduce operating costs.

Where appropriate, Field Support, Check Out and Retrofit services are available on a case by case basis.

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The video demonstrates how Carolina Heat Pipe applies their 2 row vertical thermosyphon heat pipe for an "exhaust air to supply air" energy recovery solution.


Using heat pipe science and technology, we work with clients to enhance new or existing heating and cooling systems. Bring us your needs and we'll deliver a solution!

ASHRAE member since 1995

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