Carolina Heat Pipe SHR TRAHP™ (Sensible Heat Recovery Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe), system utilizes heat pipe technology to safely transfer heat energy from one air stream to another such as laboratory exhaust heat energy transferred to the make-up air handler. By consolidating the performance of multiple heat pipes with interconnecting run around headers, Carolina Heat Pipe can transfer heat energy without the risk of cross contamination.

The SHR TRAHP™ is a simple passive reheat system consisting of two uniquely configured Heat Pipe Thermosyphon coils typically positioned in two opposing air streams. Heat is transferred from the warm air stream to the cooler air stream by means of the natural heat pipe thermosyphon process in which refrigerant boils in the warm air side and condenses in the cooler air side. This is an adiabatic process and continues so long as there is a temperature difference between the two air streams. This heat pipe process is considered passive – no pump, compressor or external energy input required. 

The SHR TRAHP™ development allows a system designer to position the energy recovery coils in side by side air tunnels of a single air handler.  The heat pipe coils can be arranged opposing each other, 90 degrees to one another and even placed over / under each other. Certain layouts can render the energy recovery system to operate in only 1 season, such as winter preheating. The vertical tube thermosyphon coil eliminates configuration restrictions of earlier conventional horizontal tube heat pipe coils.

The SHR TRAHP™ is available with our full modulating control valve which provides for frost protection and the ability to switch off the system during airside economizer conditions.

Projects using SHR TRAHP™…

Dual Use Towers
NC Zoo Polar Bear
Miami Univ Farmer School of Business

SHR TRAHP™ is Listed UL 1995

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