About Us

Talent, Skill and Dedication

Welcome to a group that is focused on you and your unique project requirements. We are ready with the knowledge and skills required to meet your dehumidification, and/or energy recovery specifications.

Our culture embraces a relationship-based, rather than a project-based business model. This means we all work diligently to develop a mutually beneficial client relationship based on knowledge and trust, regardless of project size or scope.

Founded in 1993, Carolina Heat Pipe specializes in providing heat pipe systems that modify air conditioning equipment to more effectively handle dehumidification and energy recovery.

Often, we customize off-the-shelf equipment for installation in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. The resulting air-conditioning system is more effective in dealing with the high humidity typically seen in the southern region of the United States. We have also applied our heat pipe technology to a split system energy-saving array for laboratories, hospitals, and other buildings that must avoid cross-contamination between air streams while recovering exhaust energy to reduce operating costs.

Many of the projects we receive are from repeat clients, a testament to our focus on service and going “the extra mile” to meet each client’s needs. Our clients understand that we are there to support them, and we understand that we are often a small part of the overall project, whether it be a retrofit or new construction.

Where appropriate, Field Support and Retrofit services are available on a case-by-case basis. We have the ability to supervise start-up and provide training for the on-site engineering/facilities/maintenance crew.

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CHP in Action

Darrell Sanlin, President, demonstrates how we apply our two row vertical ST Mach 1 – TRAHP™ (thermosyphon run around heat pipe) for an “exhaust air to supply air” energy recovery solution.