Our Origin Story

The Challenge

Innovative solutions are born from meeting challenges head-on. Founder, Dick Trent, said in 1993, “I was contacted by an old friend, Commander Mathews, Vice President of the MUSC Alumni Association at Wickliffe House, Medical University of South Carolina. At the time, the historic 5,000 sq. ft. mansion (circa 1850) was being used as a lunch spot by the physicians and as rental venue for weddings and other events.” The Commander said, “I know you are a good engineer and worked for Carrier, so you know about air conditioning and humidity. We have a problem; water beads on windows and incoming air registers.”

The Assessment

At the beginning, Trent first worked with the HVAC maintenance company and ruled out their attempts at correcting the issues. He then conducted an evaluation and determine the problem was high humidity, a truly unhealthy environment. His solution was to redo the entire HVAC system since—all new equipment and duct work as the old system with riddled with mold and mildew.
Carolina Heat Pipe was born. This re-configuration included the incorporation of heat pipes for proper dehumidification. Over the years, this initial solution has evolved into the creation of our own, patented products which provide a simple, reliable energy efficient long-term solution to a requirement for a healthy indoor air environment.

Our Personalized Approach

We are still a family business—so each client and project is personal to us. We are not a huge company; we genuinely want to solve your problem and won’t accept a project unless we believe that we can make a difference.

Our Goal

We strive do the job right the first time by asking the right questions and listening to our customers.
We are devoted to advancing the quality of dehumidification and energy recovery by implementing heat pipe technology in our TRAHP™ products. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what works best—and we are eager to pass on the benefits of our experience to you.

After two decades in business, Carolina Heat Pipe had a long list of affiliations,
certifications, and recongitions. 

Professional Affiliations