Subcool Reheat of Refrigerant

Sub Cool Reheat of Refrigerant is used for improved dehumidification in direct expansion straight cooling and heat pump packaged units. Carolina Heat Pipe can install this system in new equipment or retrofit into existing units. A custom designed condensing coil is mounted downstream of the evaporator coil. Liquid refrigerant is piped from the condenser coil to this sub cool coil and then on to the thermal expansion valve suppling the evaporator coil.

The Sub Cool Reheat of Refrigerant, for improved dehumidification uses the cold supply air from the evaporator coil to cool the liquid refrigerant int the subcool coil before it enters the evaporator coil. The sensible heat gained from the Subcool coil lowers the relative humidity of the leaving air. The subcooled refrigerant increases the latent capacity of the evaporator coil and thereby removing more moisture from the air.

Sized properly the sub cool reheat system can be installed permanently in the refrigerant circuit without control.

Sub Cool Reheat can be combined with a controllable Hot Gas Reheat solution to further enhance the dehumidification capability of a package unit. See Controllable Hot Gas Reheat under products.

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