ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe, is an energy efficient device used to passively transfer heat from a warm point to a cooler point. Applied to Air Conditioning, this passive dehumidification system provides in-line energy efficiency improvement by lowering the sensible heat ratio (SHR).

Carolina Heat Pipe’s ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ is a simple passive reheat system consisting of two uniquely configured Heat Pipe Thermosyphon coils which are positioned on either side of the cooling coil. Heat is transferred from the entering side of the cooling coil to the leaving side by means of the natural heat pipe thermosyphon process in which refrigerant boils on the entering side and condenses on the leaving side. This is an adiabatic process and continues so long as there is a temperature difference between precool and reheat coils. This heat pipe process is considered passive – no pump, compressor or external energy input required.

In addition, the ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ is available with full modulating control, allowing the owner to manage the amount of reheat from the heat pipe. In this case the only moving part is the control valve. 

When incorporated into an air handler, the TRAHP™ will remove more moisture using less energy while lowering the relative humidity to provide a healthier, more comfortable environment. 

The Benefits of Incorporating an ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ 

Projects using ST Mach 1 TRAHP™…
WellStar Vinings Health Park
Cone Health Mebane

ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ is UL Listed 1995

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