Charleston Southern University Dorms

Charleston Southern University Dorms

At Charleston Southern University, Carolina Heat Pipe provided energy efficient dehumidification for two separate building additions. These dormitories required proper dehumidification which is especially important in Charleston South Carolina’s high humidity coastal climate.  

The smart solution provided by the experienced engineers at Carolina Heat Pipe was the installation of a 4-Row ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe system in three separate air handlers. The Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe process is a passive process that does not require a pump or compressor and does not consume any energy.  

The TRAHP™ system designed for this specific application was controllable. Because this heat transfer is controllable, improved comfort and efficiency in an air conditioning system becomes attainable. Control makes sense because the operation of reheat, even passive reheat, when it is not required wastes energy and creates discomfort by making rooms to warm. The use of uncontrolled reheat increase capital cost by requiring the installation of an air conditioning system with higher capacity to meet design conditions.  

The inclusion of a CHP Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe (TRAHP™) makes the air conditioning system more effective and is often selected by building designers to reduce the energy load. The return on investment was less than two years. 

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