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University of South Florida Chemistry Building

Carolina Heat Pipe was asked to help solve the problem of high humidity in the Chemistry Building at the University of South Florida.  High humidity is a constant challenge in the Tampa. Fortunately, CHP was well versed in providing solutions in this situation.    The smart solution provided by the experienced engineers at Carolina Heat Pipe was the installation of a non-controllable ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ Thermosyphon Run…
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Charleston Southern University Dorms

At Charleston Southern University, Carolina Heat Pipe provided energy efficient dehumidification for two separate building additions. These dormitories required proper dehumidification which is especially important in Charleston South Carolina’s high humidity coastal climate.   The smart solution provided by the experienced engineers at Carolina Heat Pipe was the installation of a 4-Row ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe system in three separate air handlers. The…
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Project: HGRH at Buford High School

Here is a recent project by Carolina Heat Pipe working with an OEM to field install a hot gas reheat solution. We worked with Trane on this project to correct high humidity problems in the new construction Athletic Facility at Buford High School in the roof top units. This project moved fast, a 6 week…
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