University of South Florida Chemistry Building

University of South Florida Chemistry Building

Carolina Heat Pipe was asked to help solve the problem of high humidity in the Chemistry Building at the University of South Florida.  High humidity is a constant challenge in the Tampa. Fortunately, CHP was well versed in providing solutions in this situation.   

The smart solution provided by the experienced engineers at Carolina Heat Pipe was the installation of a non-controllable ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe system. The Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe process is a passive process that does not require a pump or compressor and does not consume any energy. The TRAHP™ system is a simple passive reheat system consisting of two uniquely configured heat pipe thermosyphon coils which are positioned on either side of the cooling coil. The CHP heat pipe requires only simple maintenance of periodic coil cleaning for the life of the air handler. 

The Carolina Heat Pipe TRAHP™ system was custom designed for this specific application. CHP retrofitted two 21,500 CFM chill water air handlers with a 1-Row ST Mach 1 TRAHP™. When incorporated in an air handler the TRAHP™ will remove more moisture using less energy and provide a more comfortable environment. The return on investment for this project was 2.6 year, and an immediate improvement in humidity level was noted! 

The inclusion of a CHP Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe (TRAHP™) is often selected by building designers to reduce the energy load while providing free reheat for dehumidification during the cooling season. 

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