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East Carolina University Life Sciences and Biotechnology Building

Carolina Heat Pipe worked with Affiliated Engineers Inc. and Buffalo Air Handling Co. on the HVAC system for a new four story building located on the ECU Greenville, NC campus. CHP designed and installed a total of three customized 2-row ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ systems within Buffalo Air Handling equipment.  The run around heat pipe…
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Carolina Heat Pipe granted new Patent

Last month Carolina Heat Pipe was awarded their 5th United States Patent! The inventors of this Loop Heat Pipe Transfer Systems with Manifold patent are Richard W. Trent and Darrell R. Sandlin. Our first patent was granted in 2000 and this newest patent demonstrates our dedication to the advancement of the quality of dehumidification and…
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US Naval Air Station, Building 362

US Naval Air Station, Building 362  Installation of Split System Heat Recovery TRAHP™ thermosyphon run around heat pipe system, resulted in 1.6 year payback.   For Information about the product, click here  For a PDF copy of this case study, click here 

University of South Florida Chemistry Building

Carolina Heat Pipe was asked to help solve the problem of high humidity in the Chemistry Building at the University of South Florida.  High humidity is a constant challenge in the Tampa. Fortunately, CHP was well versed in providing solutions in this situation.    The smart solution provided by the experienced engineers at Carolina Heat Pipe was the installation of a non-controllable ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ Thermosyphon Run…
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University of South Florida Campus Library

Carolina Heat Pipe worked with Tampa Bay Trane to replace two air handlers with new energy efficient units for the main campus library.  CHP installed their 2-Row ST Mach 1 TRAHP™ thermosyphon run around heat pipe into each Trane Climate Changer Air handler.  The systems were custom designed to provide controllable energy efficient dehumidification for…
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Eurand Pharmaceuticals

Carolina Heat Pipe provided heat recovery in an expansion of the production facility for Eurand Pharmaceutical Research and Development Lab located in Dayton Ohio.   The smart solution provided by the experienced engineers at Carolina Heat Pipe was the installation of SS HR TRAHP™ Split System Heat Recovery Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe system. The 10,000 CFM system included two sections of 4-Row coils, one in the supply air stream…
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Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Carolina Heat Pipe provided energy efficient dehumidification for a Marine Corps Recruit Depot located at Parris Island South Carolina.  This building required proper dehumidification which is especially important in the South Carolina high humidity coastal climate.  A key consideration when designing this solution was the need for improved HVAC performance.  This building required proper dehumidification which is especially important in the South Carolina high humidity…
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Wellstar Vinings

Carolina Heat Pipe incorporated a controllable Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe system (TRAHP™) within 2 rooftop air handler units to provide energy efficient dehumidification. In this medical application, for Well Star Health System Vinings Health Park, located in Smyrna Georgia, CHP modified two units: a 12,000 CFM split system DX outdoor unit and a 15,900 CFM split system DX outdoor unit. Each received a 2-Row ST Mach 1 TRAHP™, which is fully modulating and controllable.