Eurand Pharmaceuticals

Eurand Pharmaceuticals

Carolina Heat Pipe provided heat recovery in an expansion of the production facility for Eurand Pharmaceutical Research and Development Lab located in Dayton Ohio.  

The smart solution provided by the experienced engineers at Carolina Heat Pipe was the installation of SS HR TRAHP™ Split System Heat Recovery Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe system. The 10,000 CFM system included two sections of 4-Row coils, one in the supply air stream and one in the exhaust air stream. By consolidating the performance of multiple heat pipes with interconnecting run around headers, Carolina Heat Pipe can transfer heat without location restrictions imposed by conventional heat pipe systems. A system designer can stretch heat pipe transfer surfaces, turn heat pipe surfaces, or separate these heat transfer surfaces several feet to strategically place them where wanted. 

The Split System Heat Recovery Thermosyphon Run Around Heat Pipe process is a passive process that does not require a pump or compressor and does not consume any energy.  The CHP heat pipe requires only simple maintenance of periodic coil cleaning for the life of the air handler. 

The  Carolina Heat Pipe TRAHP™ system was custom designed for this specific application.  

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